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In today's world, there is nothing more important and precious than having good health. To maintain a healthy body, one needs to balance exercising and consuming a nutritious diet. Burning body fat by just doing regular exercise and not working on th...

7 Sri Lankan Foods To Manage Diabetes

Living with diabetes has become a new normal, which can be a challenging burden for most people dealing with this daily. One of the primary factors that diabetic patients worry about is the food they eat. Figuring out what to eat can be a tough call when someone has diabetes. That's because wrong food can significantly impact their blood sugar levels and can cause heart disease complications if ignored and not appropriately treated on time.

Sri Lanka is known for its rich landscape of medicinal herbs and tropical fruits. Hence, there are many food options available for Sri Lankan residents to help control their blood sugar level with the food that is abundant with flavors, blends, and colors of food that, if prepared with care, will help combat this deadly disease.

This article will walk you through such 7 Sri Lankan dishes to include in their daily diet to control diabetes. Henceforth, squash the false belief that diabetes stops you from eating delicious meals. The truth is, your food can be both healthy and tasty at the same time if only you make informed nutritional choices.

Here's a seven diabetic-friendly food to include in your meals – Sri Lankan Style!

  1. Ambarella (June Fruits)
  2. Bitter Gourd (Karawila)
  3. Moringa (Murunga)
  4. Garlic 
  5. Kiri-handa (Cockscomb/Quail Grass)
  6. Jack Fruit Leaves (Kos Kola)



Ambarella, scientifically known as Spondias Dulcis, is a tropical tree with edible fruit. It is mainly known for its health benefits to control blood sugar levels, cures digestive issues, Improves eyesight, and is widely cultivated in South Asian countries like Sri Lanka, India, and some parts of Africa for its leaves and fruits. Some of the dishes include:

  • Sri Lankan Ambarella curry
  • Ambarella chutney
  • Ambarella Juice
  • Ambarella Achcharu

Bitter Gourd (Karawila):

People worldwide have used bitter gourd to treat diabetes due to its rich source of vitamins and minerals. A diabetic diet plan is incomplete without a bitter gourd. It boosts weight loss and reduces harmful cholesterol levels, thus reducing heart disease risk and controlling diabetes. Some of the dishes include

  • Sri Lankan Bitter Gourd Curry 
  • Karawila Sambol (Bitter Gourd Sambol)
  • Karawila Baduma (Bitter Gourd Fry)
  • Pavakkai Kulambu (Jaffna Style Curry)

Moringa (Murunga):

Moringa (murunga) is also known as Drumsticks, comes with plenty of health benefits. Murunga has been a great source of nutrition and is rich in antioxidants regulating blood sugar levels. Drumsticks are known to reduce spiked blood sugar levels as moringa plants contain specific proteins that act like insulin and are responsible for enhancing gallbladder functions.

Some of the dishes include 

  • Moringa (murunga) curry
  • Moringa Leaves Stir Fry (drumstick leaves stir fry)
  • Sri Lankan Prawn Curry with Moringa leaves 


Garlic is one of the oldest cultivated plants all over the world and is regarded as food as well as traditional medicine. Garlic shares a particular penchant in Sri Lankan cuisine due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is proved that Garlic can do wonders in regulating blood sugar levels and staves off the risk of type-2 diabetes.

A study published in the journal Maturitas revealed that people with uncontrolled high blood pressure, who took aged garlic for 12 weeks, averaged a 10-point decrease in blood pressure.

Some of the recipes to include in the diet plan 

Kiri-handa (Cockscomb/Quail Grass):

Kiri-handa or Cock's comb is a herbaceous plant mainly seen in India and Sri Lanka. Kiri-handa is an essential herbal plant as well as a popular leaf used to treat diabetics. Leaves from this plant can be used to cook a wholesome curry along with Onions and curry leaves. 

Kos Kola (Jackfruit Leaves):

Kosa Kola or Jackfruit leaves are native to tropical and subtropical regions globally, especially Southeast Asia. Jackfruit leaves have many medicinal properties and are used as antidiabetic as jackfruit leaves have a hypoglycemic impact. These leaves also help induce weight loss by burning accumulated fat tissues in the abdomen, arms, and thighs. It is also rich in potassium, which is essential in controlling heart rate and blood pressure.

Some of the recipes to include in the diet plan

  • Jackfruit leaves can be cooked along with boiled green grams. 
  • Jackfruit leaves stir fry

Oats Roti:

Oats are considered most beneficial for people with diabetes and must include in their regular diet plan. It ensures the slow release of sugar or glucose in the blood and helps regulate blood sugar levels. Some of the oats variants to include in their diet plan are 

  • Oats Roti
  • Oats Porridge
  • Oats Egg omelet 

Whether you’re newly diagnosed with prediabetes or have had diabetes for many years, you can still lead a full and satisfying life by choosing the right diet and with regular exercise. This can help lower your blood sugar and A1C levels, which can help you to avoid complications. The key to managing blood sugar levels is, in addition to oral medications, weight management, exercise, and eating a healthy diet.

Even if you see improvement with regular exercise, do not change your prescribed insulin regimen without consulting your doctor. Test before, during, and after exercise if you are on insulin and adding or making changes to your exercise program. This is true even if you think insulin is causing you to gain weight. Changing your insulin plan could have a dangerous effect on your blood sugar levels. These changes could cause life-threatening complications.

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