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In today's world, there is nothing more important and precious than having good health. To maintain a healthy body, one needs to balance exercising and consuming a nutritious diet. Burning body fat by just doing regular exercise and not working on th...

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Healthnet Cashless Pharmacy



Healthnet Cashless Pharmacy


Health and medical insurance have always been among the most critical instruments that most of us generally pay less attention to. Medical insurance policy is a substantial investment that protects our family from sudden illnesses and accidents with a flexible and affordable policy plan. With the increase in inflation, medical costs are on a continuous rise and medical emergencies can be challenging to an employee, both mentally and financially.

Why Cashless

Many companies offer medical insurance to cover against health and medical-related risk to their employees. HR managers may issue policies based on company policy. Such medical and health insurance systems help to keep teams healthy and productive. 

Buying a medical policy is just 50% of the work done, but the real challenge is handling medical claims manually. Each medical policy comes with different outlines, and following up based on the policy's outlines can be a tedious task for both HR and the employees.

Painpoints to a HR Manager

HR needs to keep track of OPD claim limits in monetary and medicine types for each staff member based on the issued policy outlines. 

As a result, documentation and verification may delay reimbursement of an employee's medical claim. To cap it all, the HR team may also have to shoulder complaints of delays or confusions over reimbursements. 

To bridge this gap, Healthnet has introduced a Cashless Pharmacy plan in partnership with the medical insurance company that allows staff members to get medicines delivered to their home.

Benefits of Cashless from Healthnet

  • Ability to keep track of each medication claims under a single portal
  • Automated OPD claim process
  • Verified approval on claims
  • Dedicated Account manager
  • Doorstep delivery of medicines 

Cashless insurance is a kind of policy where medical expense bills are taken care directly between the insurance company and Healthnet. This unique system is gaining popularity among HR managers due to the visibility of claims being reimbursed at a higher level of control. How this works is, when employees place the order via the Healthnet mobile app with a designated promo code, he/she will be informed if the particular order will be on cashless terms based on eligibility as cleared by the insurer. All this will be done in a matter of a few minutes by a team of back end facilitators from the insurance provider and Heatlhent. 

Healthnet adheres to all regulatory guidelines on medicine storage and preparation. Healthnet is the only online pharmacy in compliance with regulatory guidelines (National Medicines Regulatory Authority) in Sri Lanka with a mission is to bridge the gap in healthcare needs and enrich all patients and caregivers' lifestyles.

Call us today

If you are an independent company or an Insurer and are interested in enrolling your policyholders, book an appointment or call us now at 0740059361 for an initial discussion. The best part is that each SLA is customized to fit in with your organization's policies and regulations. 

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