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Redefining the role of Pharmacy with Pharma Assistant

Youll Never know unless you try.-3

Why Pharma-Assistant?

Pharma-Assistant is a term we use because we want to re-define the role of a Digital Pharmacy and position ourselves as your own personal assistant for all your pharmaceutical and medicinal needs. 

We Guarantee:

  • Licensed delivery vehicles with cold storage
  • SLMC certified pharmacists for dispensing
  • Licensed pharmacy premises for preparation
  • Medication sourced only from authorised agents

The Mobile App

We have launched a mobile app that assists you with easy medicine orders, re-orders and the management of multiple prescriptions for your whole family. With its unique conversational feature that allows you to converse in real time with a qualified pharmacist to check on available stocks and recommendations of medicine. It truly is the perfect blend of Assistant and Pharmacist!

Here's how it works!




Access Granted

Gone are the days for the need of a password. All you need now is just to put your phone number in after which we will send you a unique 4 digit passcode, slot that in and you're good to go. It's easy, it's refreshing and it changes the game, all of which we are big fans off. 






Have a Chat?

Our pharmacists are SLMC qualified and will assist you from the very start in naming the order for you or your loved ones. It's as simple as the push of a button, quite literally. 






Lock It In!

We take pride in making sure that there is complete and total transparency between you and us. We ensure that you know everything that is taking place behind the scenes via the app so that nothing is left to any sort of mystery







We've all been there haven't we? You remember keeping that pesky prescription somewhere but just can't remember where? The Healthnet App guarantees that all your prescriptions, once uploaded will always stay in one place!






Be A Family Hero!

Now that you have discovered the ultimate in ease and convenience, why be selfish? Remember, you can add your entire list of family members under your account and order medication for them too. Family first, right?






Reload Those Meds!

With the app, the need to remember to make your order is now a thing of the past. Depending on the period for which you ordered your medication, the app will be sure to buzz you when you are in need of a refill. 




Youll Never know unless you try.

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